Do you want to End the Time Change? The European Union Offers you to Choose

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The end of the time change from winter time to summer time

All citizens of the European Union are asked to give their opinion until August 16 on the continuing or ending of the change of the time, criticised by many countries.

Twice a year, you have to move your watch forward or backward.  But the change of time may soon be old history. The European Union plans to remove , because of the negative effects on human health, according to numerous studies.

Following this consultation, the Commission will decide whether or not to adopt the resolution. In any case, a unified time system across the EU will be put in place.

Generalized throughout Europe in 1998

The change of time was introduced in France after the oil crisis of 1973-1974 and was widespread throughout Europe in 1998.

Daylight saving time is the last Sunday in March and the winter time is the last Sunday in October. The next will take place on Sunday, October 28, 2018 (at 3 am).

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