Heavy rains fell in Laval Monday, October 14, 2019, causing flooding in the downtown area.

Four Southeast Departments on Orange Alert for risk of Storms and Floods

Meteo France has placed four departments in the south-east of France in orange alert for risks of storms and floods, Tuesday 15th October 2019. Four departments remain in orange alert, Tuesday 15th October 2019, due to thunderstorms and intense rainfall. Read also: Nantes: A storm plunges the city into the dark for a few minutes The Alpes-Maritime on […]

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Heavy storm on Nantes around 14:30 on Monday

Nantes: A Storm Plunges the City into the Dark for a Few Minutes

There were disturbances on the tram and train lines in Nantes due to a storm The Loire-Atlantique was in a yellow alert on Monday. However, around 2.30pm, “a stormy band quickly passed for example on the city of Nantes, explains Jean-Luc Le Pape of Meteo-France . There were flashes strong enough. ” And intense rainfall. “About 15 mm in one hour, and especially […]

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The department of Hauts-de-Seine was placed on orange alert, Monday, October 14, 2019, by Météo France.

Weather: The Hauts-de-Seine Placed on Orange Alert, Storms and Strong Winds Expected

The department of Hauts-de-Seine has been placed on orange alert by Meteo France due to thunderstorms and strong winds ahead. All the Ile-de-France is concerned Gone are the beautiful days after summer. Place in the fall and the return of the rain. After having a particularly hot summer vacation and (almost) without a drop of water, the Hauts-de-Seine will […]

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Storms and strong winds are expected Monday, October 14, 2019 in Paris and Île-de-France. The region and its departments are placed in orange alert by Meteo France.

Thunderstorms, Strong Winds: Paris and all the Ile-de-France Placed in Orange Alert

Monday 14th October 2019, Meteo France has placed the departments of Ile-de-France in orange alert. Strong winds and thunderstorms are reported in the area. The forecasts Meteo France has placed, Monday 14th October 2019, the Île-de-France on orange alert. The eight departments –  Paris, Seine-et-Marne, Yvelines, Essonne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne and Val-d’Oise  – are concerned until Tuesday, October 15. Very active storm line and strong […]

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The weather in Charente will be a mixture of clouds and sunshine

Weather in Charente: Between Clouds and Sunny Spells

WEATHER: The weather in Charente will be a mixture today between thick cloudy skies with some sunny spells.  Possible Thunderstorms later in the day It is mild and humid this morning in Charente the mercury indicates 16 degrees in Angouleme.  Meteo France ensures that the sky will clear and that the sun will pierce the […]

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The weather in Charente will have rain showers and thunderstorms

Weather in Charente: Eain Showers and Thunderstorms

The weather in Charente will be wet today, with rain showers and thunderstorms across parts of the department The sun pierces the thick clouds which gives us beautiful colours on the monuments this morning in Angouleme. It is rather mild at 8am, but the forecast from Meteo France for the weather in Charente is for a rather […]

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The weather in Cantal will have the clouds will dominate the day, accompanied by a few stormy showers

Weather in Cantal: Morning Sun and Thunderstorms in the Afternoon

The first day of October looks disturbed for the weather in Cantal, with the arrival of thunderstorms in the afternoon, followed by precipitation. Hello to you all, we are on Tuesday 1st October 2019 and the weather in Cantal is not looking very good for the start of October.  Stormy showers in the afternoon At sunrise, the sun […]

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13 eastern departments placed in orange alert for thunderstorms

Thunderstorms: 13 Eastern Departments Placed on Orange Alert

Meteo France has placed 13 departments from the Bas-Rhin to the Loire on orange alert, this Sunday 18th August 2019 in anticipation of a violent storm episode from the afternoon. From the Bas-Rhin to the Loire, 13 departments are placed by Meteo France on orange alert for thunderstorms this Sunday 18th August 2019. 🔶 12 dpts en #vigilanceOrange Restez informés sur https://t.co/rJ24zzmmy4 […]

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Nine departments have been placed on orange alert for thunderstorms

Thunderstorms: Nine Departments of the East and South West in Orange Alert

This Friday 9th August, Meteo France announces an orange alert for thunderstorms in the Grand Est and Occitanie. After a short respite, the storms are back. This Friday 9th August, 2019, nine departments of the East and Southwest were placed on orange alert, due to a strong stormy deterioration expected in the middle of the day. These are Aube, Aveyron, Côte-d’Or, Haute-Garonne, […]

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Severe Thunderstorms: Orange Alert Extended to Nine Central and Eastern Departments

Severe Thunderstorms: Orange Alert Extended to Nine Central and Eastern Departments

Tuesday 6th August 2019, thunderstorms, accompanied by violent gusts, intense rains and hail, are expected on the Central-East of the country, placed on Orange Alert. Watch out for storms. On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, in the morning, Meteo France extended the orange alert to nine departments in the centre and east of the country. The orange alert is maintained in […]

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