Rennes: Victim of a Cyberattack, the CHU now has access to Email (but not the Internet)

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Rennes CHU hospital is a victim of a cyberattack

PIRACY: Since 21st June, a hacker attack on the Rennes Hospital left it unable to access electronic messages and email

We still don’t know what kind of data was stolen. But since Monday, the staff of the Rennes University Hospital can once again converse with the rest of the world. Victim of a cyberattack on June 21st, the health establishment was deprived of part of its messaging since it had suddenly cut off its Internet network to protect itself. The management of the public hospital had confirmed that “  data had been stolen  ” but without being able to quantify them or identify their nature. Since this date, the services must operate in degraded mode.

If the practitioners had been able to exchange with each other through internal messaging, it had been impossible for them to send emails for nearly two weeks. “Thanks to the mobilisation of professionals from the CHU, the safety and continuity of patient care have been and remain assured, in emergencies as well as for scheduled activities”, assures the CHU. The management of the establishment specifies that “Internet connections remain suspended in order to ensure a gradual and secure restart of all digital applications”.

Making appointments via the Internet remains impossible, as the CHU website is still out of service, as is the use of Doctolib. Patients are invited to contact the services by telephone via the directory set up on the website of the Regional Health Agency. “We know it will be long, probably several weeks. But we are perfectly supported by the Anssi [National Agency for the Security of Information Systems] which helps us and conducts technical investigations, ”reassures the management.

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