European Parliament: Towards the End of the Summer Time

General News
The European Parliament passed a resolution in favor of the abandonment of the time change.

The European Parliament voted on Thursday in favour of abandoning the biannual time change in the European Union. A first step towards the end of summer time in France.

As are we finished with “one or advance one back one hour”? The European Parliament has adopted a resolution this Thursday 8th February, 2018, to halt the biannual time change in the European Union . The resolution was adopted by 384 votes for, 153 against and 12 abstentions .

According to the European Parliament , “many studies, if they do not lead to definitive conclusions, indicated the existence of negative effects on human health “.

EU elected therefore call on the European Commission to launch “a comprehensive assessment of the directive on the provisions relating to summer time and, if necessary, to submit a proposal for the review.”

Member States to decide

The resolution will now be sent to the Commission, the Council and the governments and parliaments of the Member States. In case of final adoption of the text, in France would be to GMT + 1 (winter time) all year.

In 2001, a directive was set for the whole of the European Union a harmonised date and time for the beginning (late March) and end of the period of daylight saving time (late October), “the objective is to help the internal market to operate effectively. “

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