The Sun Attracts Tourists in Normandy

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With the long weekends and the sun, tourists flocked to Normandy.

In Normandy, the weather was nice in May. It got greyer in June. As a result, tourists followed the sun, and May was more favourable for tourism than June.

The sun and bridges attracted tourists to our region in May.

50% of tourism professionals in Normandy considered good attendance in May and 39% estimate an increase in attendance compared to last year .

Good numbers explained by bridges and long weekends, school holidays in zone B and of course the sun .

No sun, no tourism?

This is surely what missed in June . The D-Day commemorations were not enough to erase the lack of sun, and tourists shunned the area .

Not to mention the strike movements and the launch of the World Cup that have surely curbed many travelers.

45% of professionals rated the season as average attendance. Only managers of collective tourist accommodation (youth hostels, holiday centers, refuges and lodges) have judged, more than 60%, good attendance of the month.

Forecasts for July

If the sky is blue, that the number of people decided to go on vacation has never been so high since 2012 (69% of French people plan to go on vacation), Norman tourism professionals remain cautious for the month of July.

Only one-third is optimistic about the coming month.

Hope that tourists are more and rely on the sun to book their holidays in Normandy!


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