As here in Soulac-sur-Mer on July 27, July was generally very cloudy in Gironde

Weather in Gironde: In the End, Was July Really That Bad?

IN SEARCH OF THE SUN: Less than 200 hours of sunshine, against 248 hours on average, the month of July in Gironde was frankly not terrible The month of July that we have just experienced was mostly cool during the day, with temperatures often 2 to 4 degrees below normal, and very cloudy. With 50 mm, […]

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With the long weekends and the sun, tourists flocked to Normandy.

The Sun Attracts Tourists in Normandy

In Normandy, the weather was nice in May. It got greyer in June. As a result, tourists followed the sun, and May was more favourable for tourism than June. The sun and bridges attracted tourists to our region in May. 50% of tourism professionals in Normandy considered good attendance in May and 39% estimate an increase in attendance compared […]

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Weather: Monday will be Unstable, between Sun, Clouds and Rain 1

Weather: Monday will be Unstable, between Sun, Clouds and Rain

The weather for the week ahead will be unstable, from the massifs de l’Est to Corsica, but also on the west, with alternating sun, rain and clouds, and the arrival from the Atlantic, a disturbance according Meteo France. The Weather on Monday will be rather mixed and unstable for some time this week, with alternating sun, clouds […]

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A morning of rain for Saturday in Lorient.

Weather in Lorient: Rain on Saturday, Cloudy Sunday

WEATHER: The rain will be in Lorient today. Sunshine for Sunday and Monday The anticyclone quickly strengthens from Greenland to Brittany by blocking the rains over the Atlantic. Saturday Cloudy and rainy at dawn and in the early morning before the gradual return of light in the second part of the morning by the coast with […]

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A bright sunny day is forecast for the Charente department

Weather in Charente: Bright Sunshine this Saturday

WEATHER: The sun will be out throughout the Charente for the whole of the day … It is a beautiful and large sun will reign unchallenged on Saturday after a few frosty mornings. According to the forecast from Meteo France, the sun will be out throughout the Charente department for the whole of today. Temperatures […]

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More sunshine has been recorded for Brittany than Corsica for the month of October

In October, Western Brittany was Sunnier than Corsica

Meteo France noted that October was much sunnier in Western Brittany, than Ajaccio or Toulouse.  With 147 hours of sunshine recorded between the 1st and 27th October, a Breton record since 1994 … The month ends have been unusually sunny. With 147 hours of sunshine recorded at Brest between the 1 st  and 27th October, for the […]

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