Speed Limit at 80 km/h: Vandalized Sign between Orne and Calvados

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Speed Limit sign vandalised between Orne and Calvados

The new 80 km/h speed limit does not please everyone. At the edge of the Orne and Calvados, a sign was torn off, folded and abandoned in a small path.

Since the 1st July 2018, 2-lane roads without a center divider has a new speed limit of 80 km/h. A measure that causes many reactions.

In Orne, the department decided to strike these new panels by refusing to unchain them . A decision above all symbolic for which discussions are ongoing with the prefecture which is hopeful to find a quick resolution.

But some of these signs have been vandalized. This is the case in the town of Montilly-sur-Noireau, on the edge of the Orne and Calvados . There in a dirt road located a hundred meters from the axis Caen – Flers , walkers discovered in brush a signindicating the speed limit at 80 km / h, ripped, still covered, and folded.

200 € the panel

An act of vandalism stupid since it is the money of the taxpayers who finance these panels. In the Orne, the 110 new panels represent an investment of € 23,000, or just over € 200 per panel. And indicator panel or not, the limitation in force is required.

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