Snow expected in Normandy over the weekend

Weather: Snow Forecast for Normandy over the Weekend

This Friday afternoon, the services of Meteo France published a special bulletin for this weekend of 27th and 28th October 2018, announcing a time disturbed and cold. Snowfall is even expected Sunday evening in Normandy, on the Orchard hills of Perche. Meteo France announces a disrupted and cold weekend all over France. Normandy should not be spared. Temperatures […]

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Record temperatures have been recorded in Normandy for April

Hot in Normandy: Several Cities Beat Heat Records

Heat records for a month of April were reached on April 19th, 2018, in Normandy. A high temperature that will last, before a sharp decline on Tuesday 24th April. The sun hit hard and the mercury climbed high Thursday, April 19, 2018. Meteo France has even recorded  monthly temperature records everywhere in Normandy , such as Rouen (Seine-Maritime), Lisieux ,  Deauville (Calvados) or Valognes (Manche) . That is to say, it […]

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The snow is back in the Pays d'Auge as here in Lisieux (Calvados), Thursday 1st March 2018.

Snow in the Pays d’Auge: The Main Roads Cleared of Snow, Caution on the Small Roads

As announced by Meteo France, the snow is back Thursday 1st March, 2018 in the Pays d’Auge. Around Lisieux (Calvados), the roads are slippery on secondary roads. As forecast by Meteo France , the snow has returned to Normandy in the night of Wednesday 28th February to Thursday 1st March 2018. In the Pays d’Auge, the ground is covered with a snowpack of 3 […]

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One of the three vehicles involved in the accident November 24, 2017 near Livarot (Calvados, Normandy)

Normandy: Three Cars Involved in an Accident near Livarot

ROAD ACCIDENT: An accident in Normandy occurred Friday 24th November at 7:45 on the RD579, near Livarot (Calvados).The driver of one of the three vehicles involved had fell asleep at the wheel Friday 24th November 2017, an accident involving three cars occurred in Normandy on the RD579, near Livarot (Calvados). Around 7.45 am the driver of a Golf travelling in the direction Lisieux, at Livarot […]

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Serious Accident near Lisieux

Serious Accident near Lisieux. Caen Road Closed

An accident occurred, around 6 pm at Bosquetterie, the Pré d’Auge, near Lisieux, in the direction of Caen. A construction truck hit a house, causing one serious injury. The emergency services were still being deployed to the Bosquetterie (Le Pré d’Auge), near Lisieux, for an accident which occurred around 6pm on the D613, which was busy […]

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Calvados has been placed on yellow alert for storms by Meteo France

Weather: Calvados on Yellow Warning for Storms

Meteo France placed the Calvados department in yellow alert for Thunderstorms, this Tuesday, August 29, 2017 from 6pm, until 6am tomorrow. After the rain, thunderstorms? In any case what announces Weather for France Calvados. The department has experienced a strong period of heat, Monday 28th and Tuesday, August 29th, 2017. It has been placed in yellow alert […]

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Two young people have admitted their involvement in the death of a 58 year old man, found bound in his apartment in Lisieux

Man Found Dead and Tied Up in Lisieux: Two Young Jailed

Two young people have admitted their involvement in the death of a 58 year old man, found bound in her apartment. In the popular district of Hauteville, Lyautey Avenue in Lisieux (Calvados), people are stunned. The death of their neighbor Joel Lageirse aged 58 years old, found bound on Friday in his apartment left them […]

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Traffic difficulties on the A13 in Normandy

Normandy A13: Vehicles Broken Down, Slowing for Several Kilometers

The evening turns on busy roads in Calvados on Easter Monday 17th April 2017. A slowdown over seven kilometers is currently registered on the A13 between Danestal and Beaumont-en-Auge, in the direction Caen – Paris . A slowdown of several kilometers is currently registered on the A13 in the direction Caen-Paris between Danestal and Beaumont-en-Auge. […]

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Last night a serious road accident on the RD519 in Normandy

Accident between Lisieux and Orbec. A Young Man Airlifted to University Hospital

Last night, Tuesday 17th January at 8.20pm, in the municipality of Saint-Martin-de-Mailloc, a serious road accident occurred on the RD 519, between Lisieux and Orbec. Of the four people on board the car, a young man aged 18, was seriously injured and transported by helicopter to the University Hospital of Caen. The other three young […]

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46 petrol stations are currently totally out of fuel in the Calvados area

Calvados: 46 Stations in Totally Out of Fuel

The prefecture has just published a status update on the department. The situation has deteriorated slightly compared to yesterday. But not enough to ration. There are currently 46 petrol stations totally out of fuel, 56 stations who are out SP95 petrol, 54 stations out of SP98 petrol and 63 stations currently out of diesel.  That […]

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