Normandy: The CGT in the Streets of L’Aigle.

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About 60 protestors in the streets of L'Aigle in Normandy

The mobilisation against the reforms brought about sixty people on Thursday 19th April to L’Aigle in Normandy.

About sixty CGT unionists from different branches gathered on Thursday 19th April up to 6pm before the Aiglonne Post. Marc Provost, local delegate CGT took the floor to inform his colleagues gathered. “The government and its parliamentary majority are closing in a deep questioning of our model of society. Laws, ordinances and successive reforms affect the poorest to satisfy the shareholders.

After this first charge, the trade unionist accused the government of “breaking the French rail with the opening to competition” before lambasting “the health reform that reduces to a trickle the means in hospitals. They want to eradicate the notion of public service. It’s a reforming frenzy! “.

He recalled the movement of the agents of the EHPAD and retirees mobilized Thursday, March 15, some for decent working conditions and others for worthy pensions.

Precariousness and social misery

“It has lasted long enough. We must all fight to maintain our public services “asserts Marc Provost.

“Demand the withdrawal of Macron orders, the cessation of social plans and abusive restructuring, the reimbursement of all tax gifts paid by the state. Real public services. The development of a clean and job-creating industry. There is an urgent need for employees to organize and stand together to oppose this infernal spiral that generates precariousness and social misery “.

“Non Monsieur Macron”

Marc Provost speaks directly to the President of the Republic. “Mr. Macron, No, pensioners are not affluent, No officials and railway workers are not privileged. No, unemployed employees are not assisted. This politician’s calculation of opposing to each other is used not to talk about the bottom. We can not take any more of these brutal measures that accumulate on a train going towards hell. Enough is enough ! “. The trade unionists present were invited on Tuesday 1st May, in Alençon for the next event.

The convergence of struggles

In support of the assembled cégétistes, Jean-Pierre Guérin, representing the metallurgical branch , harangued his colleagues wishing the development of the convergence of struggles.

“We must know that the fight decided by railroads to defend the public service, their status, their work and our struggle in metallurgy reinforce each other. To fight is the best solidarities for the construction of this All Together “.

The Citizen Collective of Defense of the Paris-Granville Lines, Caen-Tours, Caen-Rennes also expressed itself lamenting “that the public authorities refuse to draw the disastrous consequences of the competition already in place in other countries”.

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