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Weather in Vendée: Snow on Tuesday!

After incessant rains at the beginning of winter, it will now forecast to snow. Including on the coast of Vendée say experts.

Neither one nor two. In the space of a few hours, the Vendée passes of continuous rains and softness, the cold and the arrival of the snow!

Experts are convinced that the department will be impacted by the passage of a disturbance, where cold temperatures on Monday morning (0 ° on the coast). Beware of ice plates agglomeration output.

The coastline also

“The rain could begin Tuesday during the morning, falling more or less intermittent and can last until Wednesday day. They are looking pretty weak overall, but so durable, “says the website Climate Vendée .

“In all likelihood, it would snow almost everywhere, including on the coast, because the northern wind Northeast prevent the gentle ocean to take over, which is rare enough to be stressed.”

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