Formula 1: The New Owner puts an End to the Tradition of Models on the Starting Grid

A grid girl at the Formula 1 Grand Prix of the United States, October 22, 2017. - HZ / PIXATHLON / SIPA

FORMULA 1: Their presence is “in contradiction with the current societal norms” …

Less Models on the asphalt … the new owner Liberty Media ended Wednesday a tradition in Formula 1 : the starting grids will now be deserted not the “grid girls”, these young women chosen for their plastic to indicate the location of the cars.

This little revolution in the licked ceremony of F1 will take effect from the first Grand Prix of the 2018 season in Australia at the end of March . The new owner of the F1 believes that this tradition “does not correspond to the values ​​defended by our brand and is clearly at odds with current societal standards,” he said in a statement.

An “outdated” tradition

“We do not think this tradition is appropriate or in keeping with F1 and its fans,” the group added. The question of keeping these girls wearing umbrellas or placards stating the number of the drivers had been raised by the new owners of F1 a few weeks ago.

Sports director Ross Brawn said in a BBC interview in December 2017 that the subject was “seriously under investigation”. “Many people want to respect the tradition of” grid girls “and some think it’s outdated,” he said. The question has been decided.

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