Eleanor Storm: A Seventh Body Found in Haute-Marne

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The lifeless body of a German 70 years was found in Haute-Marne. This is the seventh death after the passage of the Eleanor storm.

Wednesday 10th January, 2018, the body of a man, a German 70 years old, was found in Rouvres-sur-Aube, in Haute-Marne. This is the seventh victim of the Eleanor storm.

The toll continues to mount. The prefecture of the Haute-Marne  announced the discovery of a body on Wednesday 10th January, 2018 in Rouvres-sur-Aube. It could be a German 70 years , reported missing after falling into a river. Investigations are underway to formally identify the victim, although all indications are that it is indeed the 70 year old says France 3  . He is the seventh person killed after the passing of the Eleanor storm .

Sunday 7th January, 2018, the body of an eighty year old, disappeared in Lucenay-l’Évêque (Saône-et-Loire), which was found in a stream. Two days before, a volunteer firefighter for 64 years, fell into a raging torrent between the Isere and Savoie , was found dead.

A worker was also killed in Choisy (Haute Savoie) on the building site of a farm “weakened by the storm,” according to prosecutors Annecy who opened an investigation.

Three other people died in the Alps, in the same week: a skier in Haute-Savoie , a ninety year old in her flooded house in Isère and a farmer found Thursday, January 4, 2018 under a snow slide in Savoie .

A police officer still missing

One person is still missing. This is a police brigade of the river , aged 27, disappeared in the Seine during a year in Paris.

Philippe Caron, director of the police headquarters of technical services, explained during a press briefing: “On the occasion of a training divers from the river brigade, one of personnel engaged surfaced and then suddenly disappeared into the Seine. “

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