Contaminated Milk: After Leclerc, Intermarché Investigation into Possible Sales

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Intermarche could have sold contaminated baby milk after the recall notice was issued

Possible contaminated baby milk products produced by Lactalis would have continued to be sold in several stores of Intermarché after the date of the recall.

As Leclerc, Intermarché has also sold possible contaminated baby milk powder by Lactalis, despite their official recall. The distribution group reveals that a “precise investigation” was launched on Tuesday night after reports relayed by certain customers.

In one of the stores in the Hauts de France, all the products had not been taken off the shelves despite successive reminders between the 2nd and 21st December by the health authorities and the manufacturer Lactalis, following the contamination of 35 children with salmonella since August.

A Marles-les-Mines, in Pas-de-Calais, a customer would thus have recently bought the milk powder from the Milumel brand.

This information has already set fire to the powder, it is recognised as a priority for Intermarche. “We’re to call one by one all the managers of the stores, check one by one all the points of sale in France.” This is for the sign to ensure that the withdrawal has been respected in the 1,836 stores in France.

Another case reported in Beauvais

Should we infer a failure comparable to that declared by Michel-Edouard Leclerc on Wednesday ? Anyway, for now, the company is unable to clarify whether the process has been followed to the end, “Intermarche can not confirm the absence of batches of products affected by withdrawals/recalls the shelves of some outlets “.

Other sites could be affected. According to our information, a client, claims to have bought Milumel milk after the date of withdrawal, this time in the Intermarché located in Beauvais (Oise).

When she reported her box, she says, employees “were not even aware that he had to remove the cans and did not list the contaminated milk.” Contacted, the store manager does not wish to make any comment, saying “we have 25,000 transactions through the tills per week and have a lot to manage.”

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