Lactalis: Despite the Recall in Effect, Auchan Admits Having Sold 52 Boxes of Contaminated Milk

despite the recall in effect, Auchan admits having sold 52 boxes of contaminated milk

Despite the withdrawal request to businesses of 36,000 Lactalis products contaminated with salmonella, Auchan admitted selling 52 infant milk boxes.

Auchan announced Wednesday, January 10, 2018 it sold 52 boxes of Lactalis infant milk that should have been removed from its shelves due to contamination with salmonella , according to a statement.

“Despite the actual withdrawal of 36,000 products, 52 additional products – infant milk boxes – have escaped the vigilance of our teams and were sold after the recall date in 28 stores (hypermarkets and supermarkets)”, written Auchan, which says that it is “shocked and apologises for these errors experienced by its customers.”

An audit launched in all stores

On the 2nd January, “a store received a shipment including references affected by the recall of 21 December . Following this anomaly, Retail Auchan France launched a thorough audit of the situation in each of its stores to ensure the perfect implementation of the recall process, “says the group.

“Customers have already been informed to the recall of the incriminated products, the last customers are being identified and contacted. The consumer number Auchan (03.5930.5930) is available to consumers who have questions.”

Last December, “like all French retailers Auchan Retail France received three successive messages of recall of the infant nutrition products with any reference to the company Lactalis, due to some batches of baby milk powder was found to be contaminated by salmonella. The company immediately implemented its internal recall procedures, transmitted instructions and information necessary for the immediate implementation of the recall to all of its 641 outlets and retail sites in France, “wished to recall the ‘retail brand.

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