Salmonella: The UFC-Que Choisir will file a complaint against Lactalis

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UFC Que Choisir to file compliant against Lactlalis

The consumer association UFC-Que Choisir announced Monday its intention to file a complaint against the Lactalis Group. 625 batches of baby milk produced by the food group are affected by a withdrawal from the market due to contamination with salmonella.

After a father filed a complaint, it is the association of consumers UFC-Que Choisir announcement Monday will file a complaint against the Lactalis group , following the contamination of baby milk with salmonella.

“Entering by concerned consumers UFC-Que Choisir will file a complaint for deception to the public prosecutor of Paris against the Lactalis company so that all light be shed on the circumstances surrounding the contamination of infant formula salmonella and the lack of detection of the contamination, “ says the association in a brief statement.

“The DGCCRF (Fraud) is already follow the case. This is to mark the interest of consumers. This is a subject that concerns specifically, some people who have contacted us “, told AFP Nicolas Godfroy, legal officer of the UFC-Que Choisir.

The association wishes to know “exactly what really happened and what has malfunctioned,” said Mr. Godfrey, adding that the complaint would be filed in the coming days.

625 batches of milk covered by a ray of withdrawal

This complaint is in addition to that was to file Monday Quentin Guillemain, father of a little girl of three months who consumed a milk affected by the recall but did not fall ill.

He announced his intention to file a complaint with the Public Health division of the Paris court for “endangering the lives of others” and “failure to assist a person in danger” against Lactalis and the pharmacy where he bought milk . He was at the same time file the articles of a victims’ families association.

A total of 625 batches of baby milk are covered by a withdrawal from the market due to contamination with salmonella.

Sunday 10th December, the Ministry of Economy published a list of 620 batches of milk of Lactalis group subject to a massive recall, in France and abroad – nearly 7000 tons of products – continued contamination with salmonella in France twenty babies.

A list to which were added last week five lots also products on the site of Craon (Mayenne) .

27 infected infants

The investigation “has identified to date 27 infants (13 boys and 14 girls) with a Salmonella serotype Salmonella Agona occurred between mid-August and December 2,” according to the latest figures from the Public Health health agency La France.

“These infants living in 10 regions (8 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, 6 in Ile-de-France 3 Bourgogne 2 Pays de Loire, 2 in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, 2 New Aquitaine , 1 in Normandy, one in the Center region, 1 in the Hauts-de-France and 1 in Occitan) “ , according to Public Health France.

“The families of 24 infants have been interviewed. Among them, 12 were hospitalized because of their salmonellosis, all came out of the hospital and doing well “ , said the health agency.

Among the 24 infants, 23 consumed milk produced on Craon production site. In the latter case, the baby’s mother said he was fed exclusively on breast milk, reports Public Health France without giving further details.

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