Lactalis apologises to parents over contaminated milk with salmonella

Contaminated Milk: Lactalis Apologizes and Assures Parents that it is Collaborate with the State

Regarding the contaminated milk with salmonella, the Lactalis group reiterated its apology to parents. It provides cooperation with the state from the beginning. The group Lactalis renewed Thursday apologized to parents and assured work ” in full cooperation ” with the state since the beginning of the case of milk contaminated with salmonella , despite the criticism of the government . Lactalis “renews its […]

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Contaminated baby milk, Bruno Le Marie has announced more controls

Contaminated Baby Milk: Bruno Le Maire Announced 2500 Additional Controls

Mass distribution and the management of Lactalis are called by Bruno Le Maire following the contaminated baby milk with salmonella. The Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire convening this Thursday 11th January, 2018, announced at 6.30pm to supermarkets and Friday morning to the management of Lactalis, that he deemed business “failing” at a news-item on contaminated infant milk salmonella. Mr. […]

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Many stores have admitted to selling contaminated milk after the recall

Salmonella: Carrefour, Système U … Other Stores have Sold Contaminated Lactalis Milk

Despite the return in force of Lactalis batches after contamination with salmonella, other signs (after Leclerc and Auchan) recognize “flaws”. After Leclerc , three other major groups distributions announced Wednesday it has sold tens or even hundreds of boxes Lactalis infant milk that should have been removed from their shelves after salmonella contamination. For its part, Fraud Control reported that it was […]

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despite the recall in effect, Auchan admits having sold 52 boxes of contaminated milk

Lactalis: Despite the Recall in Effect, Auchan Admits Having Sold 52 Boxes of Contaminated Milk

Despite the withdrawal request to businesses of 36,000 Lactalis products contaminated with salmonella, Auchan admitted selling 52 infant milk boxes. Auchan announced Wednesday, January 10, 2018 it sold 52 boxes of Lactalis infant milk that should have been removed from its shelves due to contamination with salmonella , according to a statement. “Despite the actual withdrawal of 36,000 products, […]

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Intermarche could have sold contaminated baby milk after the recall notice was issued

Contaminated Milk: After Leclerc, Intermarché Investigation into Possible Sales

Possible contaminated baby milk products produced by Lactalis would have continued to be sold in several stores of Intermarché after the date of the recall. As Leclerc, Intermarché has also sold possible contaminated baby milk powder by Lactalis, despite their official recall. The distribution group reveals that a “precise investigation” was launched on Tuesday night after […]

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Leclerc admits selling contaminated baby milk

Milk Contaminated with Salmonella: Leclerc Admits Having Sold Lactalis Products Despite the Recall

The retailer E. Leclerc admitted selling infant formula affected by the recall of the 21st December, following the salmonella contamination. The first great French retail group, E.Leclerc, acknowledged Tuesday having sold products Lactalis remnants affected by the recall of the 21st December in some of its stores. Despite the application of this recall action following the discovery of contamination salmonella , […]

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DDCSPP the controllers would have seen nothing during a routine inspection carried out in September in the Lactalis factory of Craon, in Mayenne.

Salmonella at Lactalis: These Controls in Mayenne that Sow Trouble

Le Canard enchaîné, published this Wednesday 3rd January, highlights some disturbing elements in the case of infant baby milk contaminated with salmonella at Lactalis. The weekly reveals that the controllers of the Departmental Directorate of social cohesion and the protection of populations (DDCSPP) saw nothing during a routine inspection carried out in September in the factory […]

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Technical unemployment for some employees of the Lactalis plant in Craon

Lactalis: Technical Unemployment for Some of the Employees of Craon

Partial unemployment measures will affect some employees of the plant in Craon (Mayenne). Lactalis production site is indeed stopped since the 8th December, following the discovery of contaminated baby milk with salmonella. A spokesman of the Lactalis group announced yesterday to AFP that the details of these partial unemployment measures would be known  “in the coming days” . […]

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A parent explains why they are filing a complaint to Lactalis over contaminated baby milk

Baby Milk: “Why I Complain Against Lactalis”

HEALTH: On the decision of the state, the site of the group Lactalis Nutrition Santé (LNS) in Craon, Mayenne, stopped producing baby milk powder as a result of salmonellosis. On the decision of the state, the site of the group Lactalis Nutrition Santé (LNS) in Craon, Mayenne, stopped producing baby milk powder as a result of […]

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Two helpline numbers have been set up over the Lactalis contaminated baby milk

Lactalis: Two Hotlines to Answer Questions

To respond to the many calls, call centres have been opened by Lactalis and the General Directorate for Health (DGS). They are led by health specialists. Salmonella: how the helpline numbers? To cope with the crisis of Salmonella that affects Lactalis products,  two hotlines have been installed, the Directorate General of Health (0800 636 636) and that of […]

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