Rennes: Traffic Stopped on the Ring Road for Three Hours after an Accident

Local News
Bypass Rennes was closed between 2am and 5.20am this Wednesday, November 22 at Bréquigny.

ROAD ACCIDENT: A truck was lying on its side on the ring road of Rennes, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, causing traffic interruption at the Bréquigny exit …

A truck overturned on the ring road of Rennes, on the inside lane at the exit of Bréquigny, at about 2.30am, on Wednesday 22nd November.

Fuel Leak

A leak of diesel fuel in one of its tanks forced the rescue to interrupt traffic on the ring road up to 5.20am, the time it took to transfer fuel to a second tank.

Around 6.50am, the ring road west of Rennes (RN136) at the exit of Bréquigny was again open to traffic.

“To provide adequate security conditions, speed is temporarily lowered to 70 km/h. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be cautious when approaching this area “, said in a statement the Interdepartmental Directorate West routes.

Low impact on traffic

By day, the accident could have caused huge traffic jams. At night, it had only a small impact on traffic, however, forcing road users to follow a deviation for nearly three hours.

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