A bus company Flixbus caught fire on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at the door of Ivry, on the inner ring road. The bus was totally devastated by the fire, despite the intervention of firefighters.

A Flixbus Coach on Fire in Paris: An Injured Person, the Ring Road Partly Closed

A bus from the company Flixbus caught fire on Thursday 14th November 2019 in Paris, on the inner ring road. The vehicle fire caused disruption. The fire broke out in the middle of the afternoon, Thursday 14th November 2019 on the inner ring road in Paris. A bus from the Flixbus company ignited , after having parked on the […]

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The radar located at the Sesquières level on the device was unchained, but a paper still covers the flash. It is therefore out of order

Toulouse: Ring Road Radars in a Poor State, Which Ones Really Work?

Five months after the beginning of the movement of the yellow vests, many fixed speed cameras are out of service on the Toulouse ring road. Which ones are still in operation? The fixed speed cameras  of the outlying Toulouse ring road … It has become a classic of the Pink City for a year and a half. These radars have indeed […]

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The Mayor of Lille (North) Martine Aubry announced that the ring road would go to 70 km/h

Lille: Beware, the Ring Road will Change to 70 Km/H !

The Mayor of Lille (Nord) Martine Aubry has just announced: the ring road will go to 70 km/h in February 2019. Explanations It’s a decision that will surely make a splash! The mayor of Lille (Nord) Martine Aubry has just announced that the ring road would go to 70 km/h instead of the current 90. The decision will come into force in February […]

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To fight traffic congestion on the Nantes ring road, Francis Rol-Tanguy proposes the introduction of an urban toll.

Nantes: An Urban Toll to Fight Against the Congestion of the Ring Road?

A report on mobility in the Greater West proposes the introduction of a congestion charge to relieve the Nantes ring road (Loire-Atlantique) His report is eagerly awaited in the West . Exclusively, the newspaper Le Télégramme unveiled Tuesday, June 26, the first lines of reflection Francis Rol-Tanguy  for mobility in the regions of Brittany and Pays de la Loire . This senior official […]

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Bypass Rennes was closed between 2am and 5.20am this Wednesday, November 22 at Bréquigny.

Rennes: Traffic Stopped on the Ring Road for Three Hours after an Accident

ROAD ACCIDENT: A truck was lying on its side on the ring road of Rennes, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, causing traffic interruption at the Bréquigny exit … A truck overturned on the ring road of Rennes, on the inside lane at the exit of Bréquigny, at about 2.30am, on Wednesday 22nd November. […]

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Traffic jams on the ring road to the west of Nantes

Nantes: Increased Traffic on the Ring Road this Thursday

Important traffic jams this Thursday morning with a lot of traffic on the outskirts of Nantes. Traffic slow on the route to Vannes and Sorinères. The traffic gets stuck this morning to the west of Nantes. The situation was particularly difficult near the Cheviré bridge with major bottlenecks caused by an accident. But traffic was […]

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The speed on the ring road around Rennes will revert back to 90 km/h from midnight

Rennes: Ring Road returns to 90 km/h this Evening at Midnight

For a year, the speed was lowered by 20 km/h on the busy ring road around Rennes … Motorists will be able to adjust their speed on Friday night.  At midnight, motorists can again travel at 90 km/h on the Rennes ring road.  For the past year, the prefecture and the city of Rennes had taken the decision […]

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Long delays caused on the Nantes ring road due to a motorbike accident

Accident on Nantes Ring Road – Long Delays

A motorcyclist was slightly injured in Nantes on Tuesday morning between the exit to the Estuary and the exit of Saint-Herblain … causing impressive jams “The motorcyclist was taken to University Hospital, in Nantes, but it is only slightly injured”, according to reports this morning at the operational centre of fire and emergency in the Loire-Atlantique. […]

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