“I’m not Arrogant, I am Determined” Macron Responds to his Critics in “Der Spiegel”

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Emmanuel Macron states he is not arrogant but determined in an interview

The head of state gave a long interview published Saturday in the German weekly “Der Spiegel” …

The media against-offensive was launched. On the eve of his first television interview live Sunday night on TF1 and LCI , Emmanuel Macron appears Saturday in the headlines of the German weekly Der Spiegel ith a slogan-like statement: “I’m not arrogant, I am determined “.

It is “precisely the desire that paralyzes the country”

According brief excerpts of the interview released Friday by the -l’intégralité magazine interview will be published this Saturday-, Emmanuel Macron further states that will not yield before those who develop according to her jealousy typically reflexes french because it is “precisely the desire that paralyzes the country,” according to fragments of about learned of the news magazine Der Spiegel and translated from German.

Der Spiegel did not specify who was the French president by the term “want” or what was the question.

Criticized Policy

He had criticized “cynics” and “lazy” and blasted in a speech on agriculture “skeptics, fatalistic,” those “who shrug and take mines have seen everything by saying” there going to happen. ‘ ”

The French president is facing a persistent mobilization against the reform of labour law, and to sharp criticism over that of the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF) , accused of favouring the rich.

He has also been accused of arrogance after a projection criticizing those who “do not care” instead of looking for work, the remarks meant to be off the record during a trip but were filmed.

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