Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on June 12, 2019 at the National Assembly.

Tax cuts, PMAs, Unemployment, Retirement: What to Remember from Edouard Philippe’s Speech

The Prime Minister was speaking to the Assembly on Wednesday 12th June 2019 for his second general policy speech, which is to launch the works of Act II of the government “For two years now we have been governing and there is always urgency,” said Edouard Philippe in the preamble of his second policy statement on Wednesday, […]

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Three out of Four support a Referendum in France

Almost Three Out of Four French People Support a Referendum

73% of respondents favour a referendum in France in the coming months. Nearly three quarters of French people are in favour of holding a referendum in the coming months, but are divided on the idea that it will be held on May 26th, day of the European elections, according to an Ifop poll for the […]

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Laurent Berger speaking about the crisis with the Yellow Vests

“Yellow Vests”: Macron “No Longer the Choice, You Must Share Power” according to Laurent Berger

SOCIAL: According to the general secretary of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, there is “a risk” that France tomorrow “looks like Italy or Hungary” .. President Emmanuel Macron “no longer has the choice” and must accept “an inflection with social policies that reduce inequalities” and “restore the power of intervention to citizens,” said CFDT Secretary General , Laurent Berger , in an interview […]

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Emmanuel Macron states he is not arrogant but determined in an interview

“I’m not Arrogant, I am Determined” Macron Responds to his Critics in “Der Spiegel”

The head of state gave a long interview published Saturday in the German weekly “Der Spiegel” … The media against-offensive was launched. On the eve of his first television interview live Sunday night on TF1 and LCI , Emmanuel Macron appears Saturday in the headlines of the German weekly Der Spiegel ith a slogan-like statement: “I’m not arrogant, I […]

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Michel Sapion defended the presentation of the budget for 2017

Michel Sapin Defended the “Seriousness” of its Budget in 2017

Michel Sapin on Wednesday defended the “serious” and “coherence” of its draft budget for 2017, rejecting the criticism by the Public Finance High Council (HCFP), which considers “unlikely” for the deficit reduction planned by the government . “This budget is serious” , assured the Minister of Economy and Finance during the press presentation of the […]

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