Weather in Lorient: A Summery Feel to the Weekend

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The weekend weather in Lorient will have a summery feel to it

WEATHER FORECAST: It will be sunny throughout the weekend in and around Lorient, with lovely warm summery temperatures …

It will be sunny throughout the weekend in the country of Lorient, with the arrival of a powerful warm air mass which will see temperatures exceed 20 degrees, crating a lovely summery feel to the weekend.


Mists at dawn before a sunny morning with rapidly rising temperatures. The sun feeling great sweetness in mid-day. In the afternoon, the anticyclone centered from France to Libya generates a clear sky with few clouds with an almost summery feel.

Wind is very low in the morning veering southeast low to moderate (gusts 25-35 km/h on Groix and the coastal border). Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1-1,3m. Min: 11 / 12 degrees; maximum: 20 / 21 degrees; (10 / 11 degrees to 21 / 22 degrees inland). Clear and mild in the evening; 18 degrees at 8pm and 15 degrees at midnight.


Magnificent morning after the fog dissipated quickly, with a very quick and sharp rise in mercury. Sun very generous and summer sensations midday.

In the afternoon, the sun always generous Lorient and the coastal border made with thin high altitude cumulus sails and pre-stormy appearance of a north-Quéven Hennebont Kervignac-axis.

Moderate wind from southeast in the morning veering south in the afternoon (deeper on Groix with 40-50km/h gusts). Fort Blocked: westerly swell 1m. Min: 12 / 13 degrees; maximum: 21 / 22 degrees (11 / 12 degrees to 22 / 23 degrees inland). Cloudy, evening altitude sails; 19 degrees at 8pm and 16 degrees at midnight.

As in 2001

Under a fairly close configuration (anticyclone of France in Libya and arrival of warm air mass (+ 15 ° to 1 500 m altitude), the temperature reached 26 degrees and 27.1 degrees on the 1st and 2nd October 2011.

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