Medieval camp at the Foot of the Chateau of Blain

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A medieval weekend this Sunday in the Chateau at Blain

The chateau of Groulaie at Blain, has a medieval camp at the foot of its walls, of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.  This Sunday the day will be medieval.

About 600 taking part in full costume re-enacting a medieval camp at the foot of the fortress of Blain.  On Sunday, the public will be able to mingle with the knights and the archers, but also smelling the good smells of cooking on wood fires. “Fifteen cubic meters of wood are needed for what is the largest  gathering” unleash the organisateurs.  During the day you can observe the careful work of designers and calligraphers, leather woodworking, forging … Twenty- three craftsmen are also established within the camp.  Jousts and archers will be on full display. “For the first time, these games take place in the moat of the fortress’ announced Fred Lafond, president of Castle Rise Blinois. Second highlight,“200 fighters try to take possession of the castle by attacking the drawbridge. “

Open to the public this Sunday 24th September from 10 am to 6pm, at the Groulaie Chateau at Blain.

Admission: 4 Euros, free for children under 16.

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