Angoulême: A Girl Drops 10 metres into a well and Comes Out with Bruises

Local News
A girl at Angoulême has fell 10 metres down a well, and escaped with just bruises

ACCIDENT: After falling 10 metres down a garden well in Angoulême, the girl was rescued with just bruises …

A girl, aged 10, had a fall of about ten meters into the well of her garden, Friday night around 7.50pm. She was rescued by a fire team of the Research Group and response perilous environment (GRIMP). She was very shocked after being rescued from the well, but thankfully only received a few bruises. She was transported to the hospital anyway just as a precaution and safety check.

In the late afternoon, the girl was picking figs with her father in the garden of their house, rue Emilien Jarreton, in the Jules-Ferry quarter of Angoulême.  Coming down from the tree, the girl jumped on the planks that covered the well of the garden. The boards were rotten. They buckled under the weight of the girl.

She had a fall of ten meters, thankfully dampened by the well walls and ended up with water up to her knees.

The GRIMP team dispatched, reassured her, they spoke to her before the rescue from the well. She was only slightly injured.

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