Two Accidents in One Place in Drôme: Four Dead and Six Wounded

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Firefighters intervened in two accidents during the night in Drôme

ROAD ACCIDENT: Two accidents between Romans-sur-Isère and Valence (Drôme), five hours apart, killed four people and wounded six in the night from Friday to Saturday.

Terrible night on the Drôme roads. As in little more than five hours, four men from 28 to 54 were killed in two accidents that occurred on the highway between Romans-sur-Isère and Valencia, reports France Bleu.

Two killed in the first collision

The first took place on Friday 29th September at 10.30pm. Two cars collided between the exit of Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence and that of Plovier. The vehicles ended up on the roof.

Two men, one 28, the other 54, died on the spot . The emergency intervened and supported both very shocked and injured. They were transported to the Valencia hospital.

The second accident 200 meters away

Five hours later, another accident occurred 200 meters away. According to the initial reports, it appears that a man driving a Clio has rolled his car and collided with a car on the other lane. The driver, 34, died in shock. 

In the other car were four young Swiss-German. One of them, aged 37, was killed. The three others were injured. This collision has created an on-accident. A van driven by a 75 year old man hit one of the cars damaged.

Firefighters intervened and took the victims supported. The investigation will determine the exact circumstances of the accident.

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