At the Elysee, Macron Receives Farmers in Crisis

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At the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron receives farmers in crisis

The president Emmanuel Macron received Monday morning most of the representatives of the agricultural world in crisis. This meeting comes just weeks after the launch of the States General of the Food and ten days after an arbitration challenged the government on European aid.

Central to the talks, which lasted about half an hour each, to claim for producers of a “fair” price deal with the demands of the distribution or the demands of the food industry.

“We must ensure that tomorrow we will not lose more farmers”, pleaded Jérémy Decerle, of the young Farmers, at his meeting with Mr Macron.

He recalled that France had lost a quarter of its farmers over the past decade and called for measures to revive the “attractiveness” of a sector that crosses several years in deep crisis.

“We leave three years of crisis for livestock, grain also for two years”, added Bernard Lannes, president of the Rural Coordination, which claims the title of second agricultural union.

In the office of President, he expressed the hope that the States General of the diet allow to “redirect food” but, he said, it can not be done without changing the “ultra -libérale “ CAP (EU Common Agricultural Policy).

‘Marshall Plan’

Rural Coordination, who wants a ‘Marshall Plan’ for agriculture, would also ask Mr Macron integrate the High Council for Agricultural Cooperation to “fight against the excesses of some cooperatives” who “no longer defend interests of their members “ .

The organizations also addressed the issue of the allocation of European aid, as the decision of the Minister Stéphane Travert rebalance budgets this week sparked fury, both in agriculture than for environmental NGOs.

Mr. Travert decided to transfer part of European aid of “Pillar 1” of the common agricultural policy (per hectare aid) to the “Pillar 2” (rural development, support for mountain farming, young farmers farmers, using the bio).

Peasant Confederation also wants to be “switched on Agriculture of the transition” towards a more sustainable model.

The Modef wishes for its part to focus on the crisis of livestock and the difficult situation of producers of waterfowl and bird flu, and request a revision of the law to modernize the economy (LME).

Absent, the president of the first union, FNSEA, Christiane Lambert, who had been received on the 18th July, before the start of the States General.

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