Potato prices could also rise

Potato Prices Could Also Rise

INFLATION: Difficult for producers to cope with the increase in costs, which is added to a drop in yield due to the drought In France, consumers are faced with several price increases, whether for energy bills or everyday products. One of them is no exception to the rule: the potato. The price of this vegetable could soon increase. In question: the drought, which […]

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The government has announced new financial aid for confined farmers

Covid-19: Government Announces New Financial Aid For Farmers

This allowance, up to 112 euros per day, can be paid to those forced to stay at home, to babysit, or to have contracted the coronavirus. Up to 112 euros per day: this is what farmers affected by the Covid-19 will now be able to touch. The ministries of Agriculture, Health and Action and Public Accounts announced Wednesday 29th April […]

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Farmers denounce deceptive labeling on certain packs of ham from the Herta and Fleury Michon groups

Breeders Denounce the Deceptive Labelling of Ham for the Consumer

Several farmers’ unions have singled out the Herta and Fleury Michon groups. They accuse them of misusing the labelling legislation on ham. Herta and Fleury Michon are in the sight of the breeders. In recent weeks, the FDSEA Mayenne and FRSEA Pays-de-la-Loire criticise these two groups to “circumvent” legislation on labelling . A sticker with a photo of French breeders on ham packs […]

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More than 1200 protestors in Pau against the re-introduction of bears in the Pyrenees

Pau: More than 1,200 Protesters Against the Reintroduction of Bears in the Pyrenees

More than 1,200 shepherds, farmers and elected officials from all sides, marched on Monday in Pau to oppose the reintroduction of bears in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. More than 1200 protesters, shepherds, farmers and elected officials of all stripes , marched Monday in Pau to the sound of sheep bells to oppose the reintroduction of bears in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques desired by the government. […]

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Big mess in the Toulouse region, Monday, February 5, 2018, where farmers block highways A62, A20 and A68 and the RN124 in the Gers

Farmers Sow Chaos on the Roads around Toulouse and the Region

Big hassle circulate on the roads this Monday 5th February, 2018 around Toulouse: angry farmers block roads Gers, Tarn-et-Garonne, the Tarn and Haute-Garonne … UPDATE AT 7.15pm  The prefecture indicates that the risk of significant blockages are expected Tuesday, February 6 in the morning on the A64 motorway towards Toulouse . A snail operation is announced on the A64 […]

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Agriculterus block of Tourcoing (Nord) this Monday, November 27, 2017

Tourcoing Blocked by Tractors

Twenty tractors blocked downtown Tourcoing (Hauts-de-France) this Monday, Nov. 27, 2017. Farmers protest … Farmers demonstration this Monday, November 27, 2017 in Tourcoing (Hauts-de-France). Since the beginning of the afternoon, twenty tractors protest against the questioning of a promised reduction of some social contributions for farmers. Twenty tractors are positioned blocking traffic. The town of Tourcoing is symbolic because […]

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At the Elysee, Emmanuel Macron receives farmers in crisis

At the Elysee, Macron Receives Farmers in Crisis

The president Emmanuel Macron received Monday morning most of the representatives of the agricultural world in crisis. This meeting comes just weeks after the launch of the States General of the Food and ten days after an arbitration challenged the government on European aid. Central to the talks, which lasted about half an hour each, to […]

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Protesters blocked one of two entrances to the shopping centre in Clisson, this early Wednesday afternoon.

Beef: Fifty Protesters at the Leclerc in Clisson

In the words of National Order of the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA), farmers have planned to demonstrate outside the Leclerc at Clisson this afternoon. From 2pm, Wednesday afternoon, fifty farmers decided to  block access to the large Leclerc shopping cebntre located in the commercial area, at Clisson near Nantes. “We will let guests leave, but we […]

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Trinidad Porhoët: Over a thousand People Welcome Marine Le Pen 1

Trinidad Porhoët: Over a thousand People Welcome Marine Le Pen

The Front National candidate Marine Le Pen has concluded the first day of her Breton journey by a speech Thursday, late afternoon, on a dairy farm in Trinidad Porhoët front of over 1000 people. One hour, including bath crowd. This is the time it took for Marine Le Pen to galvanize the crowd came to […]

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