Nantes: Royal de Luxe Returns with its “Miniatures”

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Royal de Luxe return to Nantes for their new show "Miniatures"

CULTURE: The theater company will offer an intimate show from 29th July to 20th August …

Back home.  The Royal de Luxe company known worldwide for its giants, returns on the 29th July until the 20th August in Nantes, its home town, for an intimate show, limited gauge, entitled “Miniature”.

Founded in 1979 by Jean-Luc Courcoult, the company chose this time to abandon the enormity of his saga of the Giants, who has entertained 20 million people in major cities around the world since 1993. His new show, “miniature” is more minimalist and will be confined to a square in the city center.

Wars, attacks, migration …

“Miniatures”, created in eight months after the attacks in Paris and after the cancellation of a planned giant show in Chicago, invites viewers to “sail in the dream of an airline pilot who goes around the world look up there, under the microscope, the problems of the world, Syria, the Mediterranean, and sees in miniature “, described Monday Jean-Luc Courcoult, at a press conference.

For an hour and a half, the show deals with wars, terrorist attacks, migration, global warming, money laundering, religious radicalization … But with “extreme tenderness” and tone “very humorous,” assured director and founder of Royal de Luxe, who wished to “pose a poetic look at the reality of today’s world,” citing the “Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Alice in wonders or Jules Verne.

Free but with a limited audience

Free, this show will be played every afternoon (except Monday), at place de la Petite-Hollande in the center of Nantes. Nine comedians will perform on the scenic plateau of 20 meters by 10, undecorated, before a limited audience to 700 people per performance.

Presented for the first time in March in Mechelen (Belgium), this creation was co-produced by the city of Nantes and the Ministry of Culture, for a total of 650,000 euros budget. A world tour, scheduled over two years in preparation, said the company.

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