PSA Announced the Hiring of 70 People on Permanent Contracts in Sochaux

PSA announced the appointment of 70 CDI at its plant in Sochaux

The PSA plant in Sochaux (Doubs) will recruit 70 employees on permanent contracts (CDI) by the end of the year, announced the management. In total, the plant will have produced 140 hires on permanent contracts in 2017.

The decision, announced at the monthly meeting of the works council (EC) confirms that the automotive website revives the firm hires after five years of break.

“Seventy operators will be offered a permanent contract by the end of the year” , said the factory management in a statement on Thursday following the EC meeting.

After a first wave of identical numbers decided last December, the plant will have produced 140 new jobs on permanent contracts in 2017, including 120 operators and 20 supervisory staff, completed the statement.

400 New jobs over two years

The figure approaches 400 over two years, if we add the 250 interim CDI signed since the creation of this new type of work contract, calculated the direction. PSA Sochaux had made any collective recruitment classic CDI between 2011 and 2016.

The goal to revive the firm hires is registered in the agreement competitiveness “New impetus for growth” (NEC) signed by the group a year ago. The signatories of the agreement unions welcomed the decision but urged the manufacturer to not stop halfway. “We welcomed the announcement but the number remains inadequate” , told AFP Guy misery, representative of the CFDT Sochaux.

The site, where production is rising, “remains on” workforce and “acting alone is not the solution,” added Mr. misery.

PSA Sochaux employs about 8,800 permanent employees and 1,600 temporary workers. It is currently recruiting an additional part of thousand to install a weekend team in September. The PSA factory of Rennes The Janais announced this Thursday, July 20, during a works council recruitment of 10 permanent employees in 2017.

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