Weather in the Charente: No Heat Records, but 35.5° C in Cognac

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The temperatures in the Charente didn't break records, but reached 35.5 degrees in Cognac

WEATHER: The temperatures in the Charente didn’t break any records, but still reached 35.5 degrees in Cognac. Heatwave warning still in affect

This is the temperature recorded on Monday in the heat of the day in Cognac and Rioux-Martin. He made 35.4° C in La Couronne, 34.9° C to 33.2° C and Angouleme in Montemboeuf. No heat record for the Charente where we had 38.2 ° C on 30 June 1952.

The neighboring departments were even hotter on Monday. In Saintes, the temperature recorded by Meteo France raised up to 36.4 ° C.

But the record of the day is to the credit of Deux-Sèvres, where the mercury rose to 38.7° C to Prin-Deyrançon in the southwestern department on the border of the Charente-Maritime. Temperatures should be a bit cooler for the rest of today before rising once again tomorrow.

Meteo France still has this department under an orange alert for a heatwave, so remember to keep in the shade and keep hydrated.

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