Weather in Lorient: Saturday Cloudy, Stormy Sunday

Local News
Nice weather today, tomorrow the storm rages in the region of Lorient.

WEATHER: It will be less warm but still nice today in Lorient. It changes tomorrow.

The stormy instability that goes through the Gulf of Biscay continues to generate summer values.


Mists at dawn evolving into a luminous morning with cloudy and towering cumulus. Variable soft mid-day and cumulus clouds (more on the northern 2/3 of Morbihan). In the afternoon, the clouds, soft and generous despite high altitude sails on Lorient and the coastal border to decorate cumulus, more developed north of an axis “Quéven-Hennebont-Kervignac.”

very low Wind west in the morning, low to moderate in the afternoon (3 strength, 20-25km/h gusts, Groix 35). Fort Blocked: westerly swell <1 m. Min: 15 / 16 degrees; maximum: 21 / 22 degrees; (14  / 15 degrees  to  22 / 23 degrees inland). Scattered clouds will ennuageant; 19 to 20 degrees from 5pm to midnight


Hazy, cloudy and mild at dawn, the sky charge stormy appearance cumulus generating some showers in the morning and mid-day in a quite heavy and fast warm atmosphere. The afternoon thunderstorm instability encompassing all Britain generates a hazy and cloudy with showers, more marked on the northern half of the Morbihan while thinning develop on the coastal edge

Low is in the morning, the wind veers southeast in the afternoon. Fort Blocked: westerly swell <1 m. Min: 15 / 16 degrees; maximum: 24 / 25 degrees (14 / 15 degrees to 25 / 26 degrees inland). Mostly cloudy and warm enough in the evening; 22 degrees at 8pm, 18 degrees at midnight.

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