Strikes by tanker drivers: New Filter Dams

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Due to strikes by tanker drivers, it is causing a shortage of fuel at petrol stations

Filter dams were set up in front of several depots and refineries. The Ile-de-France is mainly affected.

Strike renewed, filter dams, the first major supply problems. The social movement by drivers of hazardous materials (fuel, gas, chemicals …) continues Tuesday with, among others, filter dams at oil depots which resumed in Ile de France and La Rochelle (Charente maritime), according to the CGT, the only union involved, not a majority, but the the cause of the strike.

In Ile-de-France, filter dams, were installed at the entrance of new fuel deposits at the port of Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine) and the Grandpuits refinery (Seine-et-Marne), said the CGT. However, according to the police, no blocking or filtering is found in Grandpuits, where only a few CGT activists are present.

The region around the capital has been the main hit of the strike action. “The shortage is felt in many stations, some, with low autonomy (one and a half days reserve) are already closed,” says Fabrice Michaux (CGT Transport), which always evaluates the proportion of strikers “between 60% and 80% ” on the fourth day of mobilization. The Paris police headquarters denied any “shortage” of fuels and urged motorists not to “develop preventive overconsumption”.

France Normandy blue states that the Rubis Terminal, Grand-Quevilly, in Seine-Maritime, near Rouen, is blocked for 3 hours in the night of Monday to Tuesday. The radio said that the terminal is strategic because of its proximity to Paris, but also because the Seine-Maritime department is the largest in terms of tonnage carried. In addition, there are two refineries and two oil depots there.

Finally, the website Carbu, which lists practiced stations and rates, appealed to users to indicate where there is a shortage.

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