The Total group announced on Friday that 60 petrol stations out on 340 of its Paris Region network suffered fuel shortage

Fuel: At Total, Gradual Return to Normal

The Total group announced on Friday that just 60 petrol stations were experiencing fuel problems out of 340 of its Paris Region network, following supply problems related to the strike of truck drivers of hazardous materials, which ended Thursday. In comparison, 82 stations of the group in Ile-de-France were still experiencing fuel shortages late Thursday […]

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Discussions between CGT and Government to try and end Fuel strike

Fuels: Towards the end of the Tanker Driver Strike?

The CGT Transport, causing strikes and distrupting the transport of fuels for six days, welcomed on Wednesday “significant progress” and deemed possible the “lifting of the strike”. “We achieved significant progress” that could lead to “the lifting of the strike for the three-day Pentecost weekend,”  told the press Jérôme Truth (CGT), after a meeting more than two hours at the […]

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Due to strikes by tanker drivers, it is causing a shortage of fuel at petrol stations

Strikes by tanker drivers: New Filter Dams

Filter dams were set up in front of several depots and refineries. The Ile-de-France is mainly affected. Strike renewed, filter dams, the first major supply problems. The social movement by drivers of hazardous materials (fuel, gas, chemicals …) continues Tuesday with, among others, filter dams at oil depots which resumed in Ile de France and La Rochelle (Charente […]

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Pollution Peaks in Paris and Brittany, reduce use of the car! 1

Pollution Peaks in Paris and Brittany, reduce use of the car!

The air pollution in the l’Île de France and Brittany, this Sunday is even worse than that forecast, according to data released by AirParif. The association had planned a high index of pollution on the region but it finally touches the category “very high” and is estimated at 99 by AirParif. Motorists are asked to slow […]

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