Near Angers: A Hangar Caught Fire in a Farmhouse, 250 m² Burned

Local News
A Hangar caught fire at a farm near Angers

Tuesday night at 8.36pm firefighters responded to an emergency call from a farm called The Himbaudière near Angers on a farm, where a hangar that housed hay caught fire. At 8 am, they were still there to secure the area. In all, 250 m² hangar was destroyed by the flames.

It was at a farm called The Himbaudière, that firefighters from Angers responded to an emergency call last night at 8.36pm. hay stored in a farm shed, caught fire, burning 250 m² in size, half of the hangar. There are no injuries and a dozen firefighters took turns all night to bring the fire under control.

At 8 am, they were still on hand to secure and monitor the premises.

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