Toulouse: Primark Confirms the Date Envisaged for the Opening of its Store

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Primark new store in Toulouse will open on the 17th October 2018

Primark confirmed the date of opening its store, in Toulouse will be Wednesday 17th October

These are just a few words on the Facebook page of the store, but they were enough to revive the interest of fans of the brand.  Primark has indeed planned the opening its latest shop for Wednesday 17th October 17, 2018,  in Toulouse . Curtain up at the beginning of the day, rue de Rémusat!

Plans depend on the safety commission

Before D-Day, remains a major formality: obtain the authorisation to open by the safety and accessibility commission, whose visit is scheduled for Monday 8th October, 2018. This will be the second visit to the Primark site. And one badly image a second refusal … During its first visit, before the summer, this commission had indeed recommended some adjustments in the store, before giving its approval. She had identified “a problem of water supply for firefighters,” said a source familiar with the matter. An umpteenth disappointment that had forced Primark to postpone (still) the date …

Three years of postponements!

The opening of Primark in Toulouse, it is an old sea serpent … The Irish firm had bought in 2013 a Hausmannian building of a surface of  8000 m2,  street of Remusat, with the objective to open as of 2015 A course repeatedly postponed, from year to year, then from quarter to quarter! Because of  repeated delays on this titanic site, the opening was delayed in 2016, then 2017, and finally 2018. More than 20 days to wait for the fans of the mark and – except last minute earthquake! – it will be for October 17th.

Endless queues

Remember that each new brand of the brand is a real craze, with endless queues before the opening. In early September 2018, in Val d’Europe in the Paris region, hundreds of people waited several hours in front of the grilles of the store, for the curtain raising of Primark. Same scenes of jubilation on the side of Metz (Moselle), last March, for the first store of the Great East. Some fans even came from Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), almost two hours away!

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