Charente: Fuel Shortage Fear Closes Pumps

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At the Intermarché Ma Campagne in Angoulême, Charente, pumps closed at midday Monday.

Several supermarkets in the Charente were left Monday out of fuel due to panic buying. Tankers are yet just slowed down.

The petrol pumps of Intermarché Ma Campagne in Angoulême have been closed from midday on Monday. At the supermarket of St. Cybard, they closed at 5pm. The station was not delivered fuel on Monday morning, and is hoping it will be Tuesday morning.

If there were no worries at Leclerc, Géant, the Total network or in large supermarkets, the queues got longer “continually” during the day this Monday. “We received two trucks from Bassens” commented the manager of Auchan La Couronne station. “It was enough to keep … But maybe not long at this rate.” There was this Monday night a lot of people at the pump.

The fear of running short of fuel is prompting the drivers to make extra filling up, leading to prematurely sell out of the tanks. “It’s like this every time,” says one attendant. Auchan Cognac, there was “a lot of people for a Monday” .

Yet the strike by drivers of hazardous materials and fuel tankers did not interrupt the endless stream of tankers. “It is simply delivered daily in smaller quantities,” says the attendant Géant Casino in Champniers.

“It slows”

“We do not block, it slows down!” , Confirms the picket installed Monday on the outskirts of petroleum deposits Pallice in La Rochelle. If the tanker can refuel them, they must wait long hours at the discretion of the filter dam answering a word of national order launched by the CGT. It aims to put pressure on both the employers in the sector and the state.

At Pallice, filter picketing and slowing supply.
At Pallice, filter picketing and slowing supply | Agnès Marroncle Photo

“We do not take anyone by surprise, we warned a month ago that in the absence of negotiations, we would block the fuel depots”, says Jean-Pierre Locteau, a very rochelais militants involved in a different movement between sites.

At Donges, in Loire-Atlantique, it was lifted Monday morning and Ambès site Bordeaux has so far not seen floating red flags of the CGT.

The retail pump fuel supply is only slightly disrupted in the area by the movement, which the union States, “is public safety”.  Fuel transporters, and drivers of gas and other hazardous materials demand respect for their weekly rest period of forty-eight hours “of increasingly reduced to twenty-four hours”and the limitation to ten maximum hours of their day work, “beyond which it becomes dangerous to drive on the roads” .

The CGT called for a pay rise and a specific medical monitoring of carriers of dangerous products, “breathing daily acid fumes and fuel without any special medical control is exercised” . The opening of discussions with management of transport being so far not in the agenda, the dam should be maintained in the coming days to Pallice.

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