A good day is forecast for the weather in Charente

Weather in Charente: A Good Day is Forecast for the Charente

WEATHER: The sun will dominate the skies above the Charente, with a good day forecast for the weather in Charente The sky is blue the sun is shining but the background of the air remains fresh this morning at 9am in Charente.  The weather in Charente will see the sun that will dominate this Tuesday, despite […]

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A fire devastates Arno Moto at Saint-Laurent-de-Céris

Saint-Laurent-de-Céris: A Fire Devastates Arno Moto

A fire completely destroyed the garage Arno Moto, during this night of Tuesday to Wednesday, in Saint-Laurent-de-Céris. The fire started around 1.15am in the garage specialised in the repair of motorcycles and tillers. When the firefighters arrived on the scene, the 200 m 2 of buildings were burning. It took the intervention of 27 firefighters from the rescue centers […]

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A lorry hits a tree at Esse in the Charente

Charente: At Esse, a Lorry Hits a Tree, The Driver Injured

ROAD ACCIDENT: At Lunchtime, in Esse in the Charente, a lorry hits a tree.  The driver was only slightly injured … It was around 12.40pm this Monday when the Confolens firefighters were called on an accident occurred in the town of Esse, at a place called Perissac. A 19 Ton Mercedes from a rendering company was […]

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Cloudy day with showers and thunderstorms are forecast for the Chartente

Weather in Charente: Cloudy Weather, Some Showers and Thunderstorms

WEATHER FORECAST: The Charente will have a cloudy day, with some showers and even some thunderstorms … It is cool this morning in the Charente with 5 degrees around 8am.  The weather forecast for the day, according to Meteo France will be mostly cloudy, changing between light showers and heavy showers. Thunderstorms are forecast in the […]

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Weather in Charente: Many Periods of Rain

WEATHER FORECAST: A very changeable day is forecast for the Charente department today with many periods of rain … Monday’s weather will be very changeable according to the latest forecast from Meteo France. Overcast in the morning, clearing the afternoon and rain in the evening is what is forecast for today. A southeast wind will blow […]

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A cloudy day for the Charente this Wednesday

Weather in Charente: A Very Cloudy Wednesday

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather will remain overcast and cloudy this Wednesday across the whole of the Charente department The weather remains cloudy and overcast this Wednesday across the whole of the department of Charente according to the latest forecast from Meteo France. There shouldn’t be any rain despite the cloudy sky except for the possibility […]

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A wet and windy wednesday for the Charente department

Weather in Charente: A Wet and Windy Wednesday

WEATHER FORECAST: A changeable day for the Charente with a grey sky offering showers accompanied by the wind … The situation does not improve for the Charente.  The latest weather forecast from Meteo France is for a rainy start for the day, which should clear by lunchtime.  The skies will remain grey throughout the day, […]

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Rain is forecast for the Charente in the morning

Weather in Charente: Changeable with Wind Gusts of 60km/h

WEATHER FORECAST: A mixture of rain and sunshine for the Charente with wind gusts up to 60 km/h is forecast for today … It rains this Friday morning across the Charente department according to the latest weather forecast from Meteo France, and the phenomenon is expected to last until early afternoon. Thereafter, in the afternoon, […]

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An overcast start for the Charente department, clearing in the afternoon

Weather in Charente: Overcast Morning, Sun in the Afternoon

WEATHER FORECAST: Meteo France forecasts an overcast start for the charente department, although the sun should make an appearance in the afternoon … Meteo France weather forecast for the department of Charente, is for an overcast start to the day, although it should be rather sunny early this week. This morning the sky is overcast, but […]

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