Presidential: Le Pen Responds to Zidane and “understands that vote for Macron”

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The FN candidate Marine Le Pen has responded to the call of Zinédine Zidane to "avoid" to vote for the Front National

French coach of Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane has spoken against the Front National in a press conference. Marine Le Pen replied: “with what he earns I understand that voting Macron […] He can give advice in football, he’s good enough it must be said, but in politics it is not a certainty”.

Marine Le Pen, the FN presidential candidate, countered Friday Zinédine Zidane who called to vote against the FN: “with what he earns I understand that Macron vote” . Asked about the icon of French football on Friday who called for “maximum avoid” the FN, she first replied: “That’s his opinion. What do you want me to say, he can give advice in football, he’s good enough it must be said, but in politics it’s not a certainty” .

He added: “You tell me, with what he earns, I understand that voting Macron at same time”. She was referring to the proposals of the candidate for En March, which  “ensure that large (taxpayers subject to the solidarity tax on wealth) ISF will pay no more tax” .

“Zidane has every interest in the Macron election to preserve his wealth”

“I guess Mr. Zinedine Zidane a lot of financial capital and therefore has every interest probably to Mr. Macron election to preserve the wealth that he could get, thanks to his talent” , did -she says. “The message is always the same, that of 2002. I am away from all these ideas, this National Front. So (it must) avoid to the maximum that. Extreme is never good, “ said the current coach of Real Madrid on the occasion of a pre game press conference.

Mr Macron plans to reform the ISF by deleting “the part that finances the real economy”, that is to say the holding company or shares, to make it a “tax on real estate rent” .

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