US President Donald Trump on the phone in 2018

US Presidential: Did Donald Trump Break the Law by Asking that he “Find Votes” in Georgia?

UNITED STATES: Elected Democrats call for an investigation into Donald Trump, after the controversial phone call from US president, but justice unlikely This weekend, Donald Trump telephoned the Georgia Secretary of State, asking him to “find” nearly 12,000 votes in his favor. Election fraud is an offense punishable by up to five years in prison. But […]

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Presidential election in the United States: a Republican will block the certification of Joe Biden victory

Presidential Election in the United States: a Republican will Block the Certification of Joe Biden’s Victory

SUPPORT: Senator Josh Hawley is the first to tell the majority Republican upper house that he will object to the certification of the presidential result Several Republican elected officials of the House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, have already announced that they intended to object to the certification of the Democrat’s victory, still contested by Donald Trump. But Senator […]

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United States President-elect Joe Biden November 19, 2020

US Presidential: Joe Biden’s Road Wide Open to Electoral College After Supreme Court Rejects

UNITED STATES: The 538 main voters vote on Monday, and Donald Trump hopes were dashed Friday by the highest judicial body in the United States Americans did not directly vote for Joe Biden and Donald Trump. With an indirect ballot, they voted for lists of large voters chosen by the parties. These 538 electors speak out on Monday. On paper, […]

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Donald Trump talks about a possible postponement of the presidential election because of Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Donald Trump Talks About a Possible Postponement of the Presidential Election

UNITED STATES: Several American states want to make voting by mail for the Presidential election more accessible in order to limit the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 as much as possible This is the first time that the American president has raised this possibility. Donald Trump spoke on Thursday of the hypothesis of a postponement of the presidential […]

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Emmanuel Macron has won the Presidential Election in France

Presidential Result: Emmanuel Macron, the Victory of a Meteorite

The former minister had never presented in an election before his victory against Le Pen … Emmanuel Macron has prevailed widely against Le Pen with 65.1% of the vote against 34.9% for the competitor (as estimated by the Ipsos institute) The candidate of En March! was unknown three years ago His victory will remain as one […]

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Hamon will vote for Macronin Presidential Election

Presidential: For Hamon, voting for Macron will be “difficult”, but a “clear choice”

SUPPORT: The PS candidate had already given its support to the candidate in March! just after the first round results … “The act will be difficult, but the obvious choice”:  Benoît Hamon  reaffirmed on Wednesday that he would vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of presidential elections, and called on his voters to do the same, despite […]

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The FN candidate Marine Le Pen has responded to the call of Zinédine Zidane to "avoid" to vote for the Front National

Presidential: Le Pen Responds to Zidane and “understands that vote for Macron”

French coach of Real Madrid, Zinédine Zidane has spoken against the Front National in a press conference. Marine Le Pen replied: “with what he earns I understand that voting Macron […] He can give advice in football, he’s good enough it must be said, but in politics it is not a certainty”. Marine Le Pen, the […]

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The dispute over the closure of the Whirlpool factory in Amiens is invited in the debate between the two towers. | Photo EPA.

Presidential: Macron Meets Whirlpool in Amiens, Le Pen Visits Factory

After giving some sense that victory seemed sure to him, Emmanuel Macron returns to the country, on Wednesday in his hometown, Amiens to meet stewards of the Whirlpool plant, and before a meeting tonight in Arras. But Marine Le Pen decided to visit Whirlpool factory instead. In this land of Hauts de France, where Le […]

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The European Parliament should start on Wednesday afternoon the procedure for lifting the parliamentary immunity of Le Pen

Brussels Should Initiate the Procedure for Lifting Immunity of Le Pen

The European Parliament should start on Wednesday afternoon the procedure for lifting the parliamentary immunity of Marine Le Pen for alleged misappropriation of EU funds, said officials of the Parliament. French judges have requested the waiver of the immunity of Marine Le Pen, as well as another representative of the FN in the European Parliament, […]

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Special televised programmes on TF1 for the presidential candidates

Macron and Le Pen on Prime Time with TF1 for Two Specials

TF1 will give prime time to both candidates qualified for the second round before the traditional debate between the two contenders. The first issue of 2017 Elysee with Marine Le Pen is broadcast on Tuesday. TF1 innovating for the period between the presidential voting rounds. On Tuesday evening, the interview with Marine Le Pen will not […]

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