Debout la France facing problems of identity for the Legislative elections

Legislative: After the short-lived alliance with the FN, Debout la France “will be very difficult to survive”

Temporary rallying of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for Marine Le Pen caused division in Debout la France and cascading resignations … The support of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan for Marine Le Pen during the second round of the presidential elections continues to create divisions within Debout la France (DLF), even if a national party congress on Saturday, officially recorded […]

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Francois Hollande voted for Emmanuel Macron in the First round of the Presidential Elections

Presidential: Hollande voted Macron in the First Round, according to his Former Adviser

Bernard Poignant stated in a documentary broadcast on France 5 on Tuesday evening … We suspected, but Bernard Poignant confirmed. Former adviser to the outgoing President of the Republic said that Francois Hollande had voted for Emmanuel Macron in the first round of presidential elections, in a documentary to be broadcast Tuesday night on France 5. […]

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Édouard Philippe, republican Mayor of Le Havre.

Édouard Philippe, Prime Minister for Emmanuel Macron?

Republican Mayor for Le Havre, Édouard Philippe is mentioned as a potential prime minister for Emmanuel Macron. The person is silent, but local officials, begin to believe it. “I do not express myself, thank you. “ Édouard Philippe, Republican Mayor of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), cut short all media solicitations, came in numbers this Monday 8th May, 2017, around commemorations, […]

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The strategy of Marine Le Pen is being questioned

Presidential: FN, Marine Le Pen Strategy Questioned

Sunday night at the Chalet du Lac, headquarters for Marine Le Pen and the FN, activists and supporters did not hesitate to challenge the party line and even their boss. They are not the only ones. In the same ranks of the Front National party, the questions start … Pascal is a former executive of the Paris FN again become “simple […]

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Emmanuel macron thanks supporters after victory in Presidential elections

Presidential: “Nightmare avoided”, “Relief,” “Optimism” … The International Press Hailed the Victory of Macron

FRENCH ELECTIONS: “After Brexit and Trump, there will not be Le Pen,” says a Spanish daily … Since much of the French press , the foreign press hailed on Sunday evening the victory of Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election. “France has chosen Macron and contains populism,” wrote the Spanish newspaper El País . “And […]

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Normandy has blocked the route of Marine le Pen, bu voting for Emmanuel Macron

Normandy blocked the Road for Marine Le Pen

PRESIDENTIAL: The Front National remains strong in Normandy. But Emmanuel Macron is out on top in the five departments of Normandy. Fifteen days after the majority voted for Marine Le Pen, the Normans have chosen to place their fate in the hands of Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election. The new president, who […]

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La Manche has largely preferred to Emmanuel Macron Marine Le Pen

Presidential: La Manche chooses Emmanuel Macron with 67.23%

VOTING: In the image of its five cities, La Manche has widely preferred Emmanuel Macron to Marine Le Pen. The score difference in graphics. La Manche has largely chosen Emmanuel Macron on the evening of Sunday 7th May, during the second round of the presidential election. The vote for him comprises 67.23% of the votes cast. In comparison, his […]

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The candidate of En Marche! gets 71.43% of the votes against 28.57% for Marine Le Pen in Cherbourg, Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Presidential: Cherbourg Widely Chooses Emmanuel Macron

The largest city of the Manche department has largely chosen Emmanuel Macron. The candidate of En Marche! gets 71.43% of the votes against 28.57% for Marine Le Pen. It was the last city whose result was expected in the Manche region. Cherbourg chose Emmanuel Macron to 71.43%, or 25,809 votes. Marine Le Pen, she won 28.57% of the […]

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Theresa nMay and other World leaders conratulate Emmanuel Macron for his victory in the French Presidential Election

Presidential: The World Leaders Welcomed the Victory of Emmanuel Macron

REACTIONS:  European leaders have expressed their satisfaction on Sunday evening with the announcement of the election of Emmanuel Macron … “Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron for his victory today as the next president of France,” tweeted Donald Trump. “I look forward to working with him! “Said the US president. Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on his big win today […]

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