Manche: Two Million Euros for the Safety of Mont-Saint-Michel

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The grant from the state will be used for security of Mont-Saint-Michel

Yesterday, Friday 24th February, a general meeting of rural mayors of the Manche was held. At this meeting, the Prefect of the Manche, Jacques Witkowski announced that the state would make a grant of two million euros for the safety of the attraction of Mont Saint-Michel.

At the general meeting of rural mayors of the Manche region, organized yesterday, the 24th February in the departmental archives of Saint-Lô, the prefect of the Manche, Jacques Witkowski made an announcement.

Enhance site security

Two million euros will be invested by the State in the tourist site of Mont-Saint-Michel, in particular to strengthen its security.

 In making the announcement, the prefect did not elaborate on the subject. He will discuss this again in a few days.
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