The town of Coutances is the first of the race to offer free wifi in its streets.

Normandy: Coutances, the First Town of La Manche to Offer Free Wifi on its Streets

You can now browse the web, check Facebook or reply to your emails while strolling the streets of Coutances. An innovative free service in the Manche (Normandy) The town of Coutances, in the Manche (less than 10,000 inhabitants), now offers free wifi – and secure – in its streets. 11 places are thus equipped with terminals: in front […]

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Snow expected in Normandy over the weekend

Weather: Snow Forecast for Normandy over the Weekend

This Friday afternoon, the services of Meteo France published a special bulletin for this weekend of 27th and 28th October 2018, announcing a time disturbed and cold. Snowfall is even expected Sunday evening in Normandy, on the Orchard hills of Perche. Meteo France announces a disrupted and cold weekend all over France. Normandy should not be spared. Temperatures […]

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Where to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Centre-Manche, Normandy

Normandy: Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the Center-Manche?

As is the tradition, the 17th March is St. Patrick’s day. The occasion to celebrate Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This Irish speciality is exported across the English Channel. In Saint-Lô St. Patrick’s Day will be an opportunity to remember the Irish Hospital. Nearly 180 babies were born between 1945 and 1947 in this temporary hospital run […]

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The weekend weather forecast for Normandy

Weather in Normandy: Mixed Forecasts of Sunny and Cloudy Sky this Weekend

The weekend of Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 February will start with a great sun to restore the balm to the heart of the inhabitants of Normandy. But the rain will come back quickly … Is the rain, the  floods and the snow in the past for Normandy this weekend?  If the weather forecast from Meteo France is not ideal […]

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The candidate of En Marche! gets 71.43% of the votes against 28.57% for Marine Le Pen in Cherbourg, Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Presidential: Cherbourg Widely Chooses Emmanuel Macron

The largest city of the Manche department has largely chosen Emmanuel Macron. The candidate of En Marche! gets 71.43% of the votes against 28.57% for Marine Le Pen. It was the last city whose result was expected in the Manche region. Cherbourg chose Emmanuel Macron to 71.43%, or 25,809 votes. Marine Le Pen, she won 28.57% of the […]

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The grant from the state will be used for security of Mont-Saint-Michel

Manche: Two Million Euros for the Safety of Mont-Saint-Michel

Yesterday, Friday 24th February, a general meeting of rural mayors of the Manche was held. At this meeting, the Prefect of the Manche, Jacques Witkowski announced that the state would make a grant of two million euros for the safety of the attraction of Mont Saint-Michel. At the general meeting of rural mayors of the Manche […]

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In the Manche, it was scraping windshields this morning.

Manche: Black Ice this Friday, 30th December

This Friday 30th December, ice sheets are reported on the roads in the Manche and Cotentin Departmental teams are in action for 4.45am this Friday 30th December, for localized ice on the department. Traffic is somewhat tricky in the communes of Villedieu-les-Poêles, Coutances, Saint Lo, Les Pieux, Valognes, Carentan, La Haye-du-Puits and the secondary network […]

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The fire broke out around midnight last night in the town of Hauteville-sur-Mer in Normandy

Normandy: Deaths of Two People in a Fire in Hauteville-sur-Mer

A fire broke out in the night of Wednesday to Thursday 1st December in a house in Hauteville-sur-Mer. The two occupants, a 70 year old woman and a man of 46 years, have not survived. Around midnight, a fire broke out in a house near the cemetery of Hauteville-sur-Mer, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday […]

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