For Donald Trump, “Paris is not Paris”

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Donald Trump has spoken out against immigration, using Paris as an example

US President Donald Trump takes France, and Paris as an example against the model for migration policy. François Hollande was told Saturday.

“Paris is not Paris” : US President Donald Trump was quoted Friday, February 24  “a friend” who no longer set foot in the French capital, to defend its migration policy by taking France, Sweden and Europe in general as against-examples.

On a visit Saturday to the agricultural show, Hollande replied: “It’s never good to score the slightest distrust of a friendly country” .

“Look what is happening in Europe!”

“National security begins with border security. Foreign terrorists will not strike America if they can not enter our country” , said Donald Trump on Friday at the large annual conference of conservative CPAC.

“Look what is happening in Europe! Look what’s happening in Europe!”  he hammered defending again his controversial remarks on Sweden linking immigration to alleged violence spurt. “I love Sweden but people there understand that I am right” .

3.5 million American tourists in France in 2016

If he has used many times in this campaign reference to attacks in France to justify its policy on immigration, the Republican president lingered longer this time on the French capital. “I have a friend is someone very important. He loves the City of Light. For years, every summer, he went to Paris with his wife and family” , he has said. “I had not seen him for a long time and I said ‘Jim, how’s Paris?’; ‘I do not go over now,  Paris is not Paris” , he said. “He never missed an opportunity. Today, it is even considering to go no more”,  told the 45th president of the United States.

Before François Hollande, the French foreign minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, had reacted soon after the words of US president. “3.5 million American tourists visited France in 2016, they will always be welcome” , has he tweeted with the hashtag #Paris #Trump #Nice and #SurvivorTree (name given to the only tree that survived the the collapse of the two towers of the World Trade Center on September 11 2001).

“In the first half of 2017, bookings of American tourists in Paris were up 30% compared to 2016” , had tweeted the Mayor of Paris with the humorous hashtag # & Jim Donald.

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