The wild boars walked their feet in the water of Mont Saint-Michel.

Photos: Wild Boars Swim in the Middle of Bay of Mont Saint-Michel

A photographer has surprised a group of wild boars in full bath on the beach in Saint-Broladre, in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel “From a distance I thought it was fishermen, approaching the cows, and with the zoom of my camera boars. “ Gérard Legrain, a resident of Roz-sur-Couesnon, had a big surprise when he arrived on the […]

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After the evacuation on Sunday of Mont-Saint-Michel, a suspect arrested in Caen

Mont-Saint-Michel: After the Evacuation on Sunday, a Suspect Arrested in Caen

Mont-Saint-Michel, one of the busiest tourist spots in France, was evacuated Sunday 22nd April, 2018, after the report of a man declaring wanting to attack the police. Despite important means, the individual had not been found. A suspect was arrested Sunday night in Caen. Mont-Saint-Michel, one of the busiest tourist spots in France, was evacuated Sunday 22nd […]

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Mont-Saint-Michel had to be evacuated and closed to tourists on April 22, 2018 by the gendarmerie

Mont-Saint-Michel Evacuated Because of a Suspicious Individual: “There Was No Panic”

The Mont-Saint-Michel closed because of a suspect individual should reopen to tourists this Sunday 22nd April in the afternoon. The préfet spoke and witnesses told the facts. The Mont-Saint-Michel , one of the most visited sites in France, was evacuated and closed to tourists as a precaution this Sunday 22nd April, 2018 in the morning by the police […]

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Couple find their Yorkshire Terrier, 600km away from their home in Normandy

Normandy: A Couple Finds their Dog, 600 km from their home, Five Years After Losing It

ANIMAL: Owners from the Mont-Saint-Michel found their little Yorkie named Lady near Bordeaux … The story is both beautiful and moving. Sylviane and Michel, a couple from the Manche ( Normandy ), have found their dog five years after losing it, nearly 600 km from home. “We never lost hope that one day find our small dog,” they explained to Southwest . Not […]

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The grant from the state will be used for security of Mont-Saint-Michel

Manche: Two Million Euros for the Safety of Mont-Saint-Michel

Yesterday, Friday 24th February, a general meeting of rural mayors of the Manche was held. At this meeting, the Prefect of the Manche, Jacques Witkowski announced that the state would make a grant of two million euros for the safety of the attraction of Mont Saint-Michel. At the general meeting of rural mayors of the Manche […]

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The Archangel of Mont-saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel: Removal of the Archangel Scheduled for Thursday, Postponed

The Archangel of Mont-Saint-Michel was to be scheduled tomorrow to go under restoration in Dordogne. But the weather does not permit. The archangel will have to wait a few hours or days before they can go ahead and remove it from the abbey, situated at the top of Mont-saint-Michel. The removal operation planned for Thursday 25th […]

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Mont-Saint-Michel: The Archangel to be Removed for Renovation 1

Mont-Saint-Michel: The Archangel to be Removed for Renovation

The archangel of Mont-Saint-Michel will improve its image. He will be taken off the Abbey on Thursday to be restored in the Dordogne. The Archangel dominating the Mont-Saint-Michel rises to over 156 m above sea level and is most affected by sea spray.  He will be eligible for restoration.  A first since 1987, when the unique […]

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