Soulvache: Burlesque and Musical Stories, this Saturday, February 25th

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A night of entertainment in Soulvache

Saturday, February 25, the company Cie Callou offers a show between burlesque stories, slam and electro saxophone at the bar Le Papier Buvard, at Soulvache.

burlesque stories, slam and electro saxophone mix in “So far so good”, performed by the company Le Caillou.

In this show, the universe of storyteller Pierre Desvigne and saxophonist Julien Behar meet happily. Through four burlesque and offbeat stories, supported by sound effects and an accomplice saxophone, both artists take the audience on slippery territories of the imagination.

In this recital, the artists combine modernity and mischief to tell four stories from the oral tradition. The duo thus takes the viewer into an extravagant and playful journey where a dark forest is the underground car park of an HLM, where a rat looking for a mythical girl on the Internet, while a young ambitious governor discovers the joys of alpine skiing together a dwarf riding an ostrich.

From jazz to the music box, to slam the burlesque, the artists offer a living word of an evolving art: the tale for all.

Saturday, February 25th , at 4.30pm and 9.30pm (1 hour), at the bar Le Papier Buvard (in the centre of Soulvache). Entrance for those over 9 years ols. Booking recommended at 06 49 28 22 16.

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