Côte d’Azur: Tourism activity in 2016 “slightly down” compared to 2015

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Tourism for the Côte d'Azur region is down over the previous year

ECONOMY:  The number of overnight stays in hotels and residences fell 3% … 

Unusually for tourism on the French Riviera . It’s the summer beating down the numbers. Following the bombing of Nice , attendance Alpes-Maritimes suffered a 10% decline, impacting the results of the activity. “Cote d’Azur down slightly” in 2016, informed the CRT (Regional Tourism Committee).

Throughout the year, the number of nights in hotel and residence fell 3%. Attendance, does not exceed the threshold of 11 million visitors. If the travelers’ average expenditure is 658 euros per stay, professional turnover is slightly down. “Despite the success of the Euro 2016 football playing in the region, 2016 was marked by the attacks, strikes, riots and other attacks, and the image of France abroad was necessarily altered,” says the chairman of Nice Denis hoteliers union in a statement.

Growth of foreign holidays

Alongside this difficult summer, tourism professionals have arguments to be optimistic for next season. Foreign holidays are growing by 3%. Thus, the number of US travelers (1%) and Scandinavia (+ 0.5%) increased.

And all tourists do not choose to come to the French Riviera to gild the pill on the beach or visit the villages of the hinterland of Nice. 18% of them stay there for business tourism.

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