Parliamentary Assistants of FN: Marine Le Pen Refused to go to a Police Summons

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Marine le Pen has refused to go to a police summons

JUSTICE:  She said she would go to any police or judicial summons until the parliamentary elections of 11 and 18 June …

She refused to go to the local police court in Nanterre. Marine Le Pen was convened Wednesday to be heard by the investigators in the case of the assistants of MEPs of his movement. But the president of the Front National has refused to be heard, said Friday two sources close to the investigation.

As also revealed Le Monde , the presidential candidate was convened the same day as her Cabinet Chief Catherine Griset, which was then under investigation for the misuse of trust.

Marine Le Pen told by letter that she would go to any police or judicial summons up the legislative elections of the 11th and 18th June. Contacted by  Le Monde, the president of FN refused to justify her choice.

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