United Kingdom: The Brexit Bill will Arrive in Parliament “in the coming days”

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Parliament will have to approve brexit, before negotiations can start

EUROPE: Brexit negotiations for the release from the European Union will not be enough …

The British government will present “in the coming days” to Parliament its bill to start the exit process of the European Union, said the Minister of Brexit, David Davis, this Tuesday.

The bill “will be passed in time” to allow to activate Article 50 before the end of March, as the government intends, Davis added before British MPs, hours after the decision of the Supreme Court to require the government to consult parliamentarians.

“Proceed otherwise would violate constitutional principles,” said the judge Neuberger, adding that eight of the eleven judges of the Court voted in favor of the consultation of Parliament. The government will, however, not need to see Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, said earlier in the day by the Supreme Court.

“This is the victory of democracy and the rule of law,” responded David Greene, counsel for the hairdresser Deir Dos Santos, one of the authors of the appeal before the court against the initial will of the government to pass to MEPs.

“The ruling today changes nothing,” says government

This “no difference” in the calendar of Brexit, for his part said Downing Street.

“The British have voted to leave the EU and the governmental t give them satisfaction by activating Article 50 (Lisbon Treaty) before the end of March as planned. The ruling today changes nothing, “said the government in a statement.

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