The resigning British Minister in charge of Brexit, David Davis

United Kingdom: Brexit Minister David Davis Resigned

British Brexit Minister David Davis resigned on Sunday. He disagreed with Prime Minister Theresa May on the trade relationship with Europe British Brexit Minister David Davis resigned Sunday, two days after Prime Minister Theresa May secured the government’s agreement to maintain a close post-Brexit trade relationship with the EU. reported the BBC and the PA news agency. The resignation […]

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Brexit negotiations remained deadlocked

Brexit: Between Europeans and Britons, Negotiations Remain Deadlocked

EUROPEAN UNION: A fourth round of talks opened in Brussels on Monday … London conditioned the agreement on the “invoice” the departure of its EU countries to agree on “a new partnership” between London and Brussels This position is contrary to that advocated by the Europeans We take the same and start again!  On Monday, […]

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Theresa May proposes to pay just 20 billion Euros for Brexit

Brexit Bill: May Proposes to Pay Only 20 Billion Euros

For the British government, the bill to pay for Brexit, the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union, could be closed with a payment of 20 billion euros, according to the Financial Times (FT). On the European side, the bill is estimated between 60 and 100 billion euros. The British Prime Minister Theresa May […]

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The bill for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union could be 100 billion Euros

Brexit: Towards a bill of 100 billion euros for the UK

The Brexit bill to be paid by the United Kingdom as part of its exit from the European Union now amounts to 100 billion euros according to the Financial Times. A figure immediately rejected by David Davis, the British Minister for Brexit. European negotiators have revised upwards the amount of financial requirements that Britain may have […]

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Britain will not give up Gibraltar in any Brexit negotiations

Brexit: London and Madrid disagree on Gibraltar

DECLARATION:  Gibraltar is a British territory since 1704 … The British will not give up Gibraltar. The Minister of Brexit, David Davis, said on Monday that the UK was “determined” to support this British territory enclave on Spanish soil, at a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, said Downing Street at a regular […]

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The British government said to have a fallback in case Brexit negoitiations dont go well

Brexit: Britain has Quietly Set a Plan B, in case …

Britain prefers to remain discreet on the matter, but she acknowledges that she has planned a plan B in case the Brexit negotiations fail with the Europeans. The UK government is working on fallback solutions in the event that the negotiations on the Brexit would not make an acceptable agreement with the European Union, said […]

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The start of the Parliamentary debates start today for the commencement of Brexit

UK: Early Parliamentary Debates on the Commencement of Brexit

The debates in the British Parliament on the draft law concerning the activation of Brexit, the output from the European Union, begins Tuesday 31st January. Several amendments have been tabled, including consultation of the Scottish and Northern Irish parliaments. The British Parliament looks from noon on Tuesday at the bill to allow the government to […]

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Parliament will have to approve brexit, before negotiations can start

United Kingdom: The Brexit Bill will Arrive in Parliament “in the coming days”

EUROPE: Brexit negotiations for the release from the European Union will not be enough … The British government will present “in the coming days” to Parliament its bill to start the exit process of the European Union, said the Minister of Brexit, David Davis, this Tuesday. The bill “will be passed in time” to allow […]

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David Davis met in Brussels for the first time Michel Barnier to discuss Brexit.

Brexit: Michel Barnier first meeting – David Davis in Brussels

The official negotiators for Brexit met in Brussels on Monday, November 21st, 2016. David Davis warned that he was not to open negotiations but simply a first meeting with Michel Barnier. The Briton will meet on Thursday in Strasbourg, the negotiator of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt. The British Minister of Brexit, David Davis, was […]

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