American election: What remedies would Trump want to launch to invalidate the ballot?

US Presidential: Martial law, Special Prosecutor, Supreme Court… The Ultimate Remedies Envisaged by Donald Trump

UNITED STATES: Despite the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory by the electoral college, Donald Trump continues his improbable quest to overturn the verdict of the polls With less than a month from the end of his mandate, he is considering everything to overturn the election. Despite the vote of the electoral college which formalized the victory of Joe Biden , and […]

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United States President-elect Joe Biden November 19, 2020

US Presidential: Joe Biden’s Road Wide Open to Electoral College After Supreme Court Rejects

UNITED STATES: The 538 main voters vote on Monday, and Donald Trump hopes were dashed Friday by the highest judicial body in the United States Americans did not directly vote for Joe Biden and Donald Trump. With an indirect ballot, they voted for lists of large voters chosen by the parties. These 538 electors speak out on Monday. On paper, […]

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Donald Trump with folded arms in the Oval Office of the White House, August 27, 2018.

US Presidential Election: Supreme Court Sinks Donald Trump’s Last Hopes

US ELECTION: The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the postal vote in Pennsylvania In one concise sentence, the United States Supreme Court refused to interfere with the results of the American presidential election. On Tuesday, the highest US court dismissed an appeal by Republicans in Pennsylvania, who sought to block certification of results and reject more […]

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Rudy Giuliani is one of Donald Trump personal lawyers.

US Presidential Election: Will Donald Trump Continue to Pursue Justice for a Long Time?

POLITICS: A week before the official vote of the big voters, the chances of Donald Trump succeeding in challenging the presidential election results appear to be weaker and weaker More than three weeks after the presidential election, Donald Trump still refuses to admit the victory of Joe Biden and continues to denounce “a massive fraud”. Since […]

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Supreme court jusge Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died

United States Supreme Court: Justice and Feminist Icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87

UNITED STATES: This progressive icon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will leave a huge void that could be filled by a conservative judge if Donald Trump and the Republicans win the battle that will begin She fought to the end to hold out until the US presidential election. The dean of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, died Friday at 87 […]

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United Kingdom: tense parliamentary return after Boris Johnson's judicial defeat

United Kingdom: Tense Return of Parliament after Boris Johnson’s Judicial Defeat

In the wake of the judgment of the Supreme Court, which ruled the suspension of the Parliament to be illegal, work resumes on Wednesday 25th September 2019. British MPs make their return Wednesday 25th September 2019 the day after the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court, which ruled ” illegal ” the controversial decision of Prime Minister Boris Johnson […]

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Brexit: Supreme Court finds suspension of UK Parliament illegal

Brexit: Supreme Court Finds Suspension of UK Parliament Illegal

The Supreme Court on 24th September 2019 inflicted a major defeat Boris Johnson who had decided to suspend the Parliament face the failure of discussions on Brexit. The British Supreme Court unanimously ruled Tuesday 24th September 2019 the suspension of Parliament decided by Boris Johnson and estimated that he had to sit again “as soon as possible”, […]

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Parliament will have to approve brexit, before negotiations can start

United Kingdom: The Brexit Bill will Arrive in Parliament “in the coming days”

EUROPE: Brexit negotiations for the release from the European Union will not be enough … The British government will present “in the coming days” to Parliament its bill to start the exit process of the European Union, said the Minister of Brexit, David Davis, this Tuesday. The bill “will be passed in time” to allow […]

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