Donald Trump “enforces what I propose for years,” says Marine Le Pen

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Marine Le Pen would introduce protectionist measures in France

FRONT NATIONAL: The boss of the FN wants to do with the Whirlpool factory in Amiens’ what did Donald Trump to repatriate Chrysler “…

The president of the National Front believes that the new US president Donald Trump builds on its proposals, in an interview with the Voice of the North published Friday.

“I do not take Trump model, it is he who implements what I propose for years and that our political opponents have always considered inept! “Marine Le Pen ahead.

She wants to promote protectionist measures, as Trump

Asked about his ability to avoid, in the event of coming to power in the presidential election in May, the plant relocation as that of Whirlpool Amiens to Poland scheduled to close in mid-2018, the candidate of the extreme right will promote protectionist measures, such as those promised by the American president.

“There’s only one way to break the interest that businesses have to relocate. They do so in order to manufacture abroad of products at low costs they resell in France with an extra margin. It is obviously necessary to tariffs that deprive them of this benefit! “Does the judge, saying it is” exactly what Donald Trump to repatriate Chrysler in the US by threatening a 35% duty. “

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